The female gaze: Ruby Campbell-Black


Ruby is an arrogant aristocrat with money in her pockets and a charm that is irresistible. As a well-educated bachelorette, Ruby knows the world as at her feet and plans on making the most out of it.

She thoroughly enjoys brief and passionate affairs, so long as they are on her terms. Should any lover attempt to tie her down, they are met with immediate dismissal. Why would a woman with everything need anyone to drag her down? She can always rely on herself to do a better job anyway.

A bit of background: 

This image was inspired by Rupert Campbell-Black from Jilly Coopers ‘Rutshire Chronicles’. The preppy playboy is known to be irresistible to women and only cares about things that directly interest him; horses, drinking, sex and money. I wanted that to be a part of this picture, though instead of Rupert, we have someone stronger with the same characteristics shining through. So often women are seen as ‘play things’ (especially porn) and so with Ruby, she makes the players her toys (hence the ‘traditionally masculine & phallic objects). If anything isn’t of benefit to her, she won’t be interested in the slightest.

In my observation and experience, women who have sex the same way men do are usually regarded as ‘bad girls’, as if we are tainted goods (we’re not expired milk, we’re human beings) and should refrain from experiencing & exploring sexual pleasure.

This is some bullshit, and Ruby knows that. The flower represents her proud femininity, strengthened by her preppy stance and costume. She challenges what is traditionally masculine and makes it her own. She doesn’t care what you think of her, she only cares about she wants and where her next orgasm is coming from – with or without someone else.

Photography: Dan Harris
Make up, Hair & Costume: Ivy Mae Styling
Creative Direction: Jade Kaukau

NB: This image belongs to a series ‘The Female Gaze’ which aims to challenge the taboo of women & masturbation. We always see this in the media from a male perspective for male pleasure. The series takes that and makes it into something empowering instead of objectifying. 



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